My opinon

Wemen shoud be allowed to be topless in public?

Why shoud men only be allowed to go top less in public? is sexist. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of, a male topless is just as a arrousing as wemen  topless to be posser by. The human body is just a body, why can men have this privilege but not wemen?

Many argue that breasts are sexual by nature but that is just how our society has made them. What is usually illegal is the nipple yet men have nipples and they don’t need to cover up. What about the men with large breasts themselves? It truly is a double standard and if enough women want it why shouldn’t we allow it? No one is going to be harmed by it and if they don’t like it they can just not look.



crime and criminal description

Bonnie and Clyde were one of the most searched criminals in history of Texas, until they were caught on their ford and killed in place. This criminals managed to stole a bank kill, all the guards and run with the money, and successfully escape. Clyde was the guy that fires the gun , and the first one killed. Wile Bonnie never was seen with a gun, she was the one who tells were to enter and were to escape.

Bonnie and Clyde were bank robbers, a bank robber is the one that plan the way to get in and the way to get out of a bank. Then waits  and fire guns in the air to make the people run out the bank, he tries to rob the money but if he gets caught, some times (in case of bonnie and Clyde ) he shot to the guards and run successfully with the money stolen of the bank.

Bonnie and Clyde

Detective: Hello, I’m here to make you some questions, in another word a lot of questions, so if you are in a hurry I think you’re screwed.

Bonnie: Where are we?.

Clyde: Why are we here?.

Detective: I make the questions, okay, now were’s the money?

Bonnie: What money?

Detective: Don’t make me ask you twice. Were’s the money?

Bonnie: (Insists) What money?

Detective: (Give up) Where have you been last night?

Bonnie: To a friend’s house.

Detective: To a friend’s house? who’s house?

Clyde: Henrry’s

Detective: Henrry’s house (The detective Chek’s some files) here I have Henrry’s files. Murder, lived in Texas and his 45 year old victim Hamilton. Anyway is it him.

Bonnie and Clyde: Yes

Detective: Yes?, got him traked last week pretty of a runner, until I shot his legs off.

Bonnie: Is he all right?

Detective: Yes he is ( Thinks) I mean no, I think is geting hanged like right now.

Bonnie: (Gets angry) What?

Clyde: (Stop’s Bonnie) Calm your self Bonnie.

(The detective irritates Bonnie, and Bonnie attacks the detective, but the detective throws Bonnie to the grown and gets unconscious)

Clyde: That was necessary?

Detective: Yes, it was (cleaning all the mess) lets proceed, why were you going to Henrry’s house?

Clyde: To a BBQ

( It was at this moment when Hammer started getting angry)

Detective: (Angry) What! to eat money, we investigate the whole house, and do you know what we found?

Clyde: Meat?

Detective:No!!, tons of money hidden in the walls, and what a coincidence, the same amount of money stolen                    last week in Texas, Platte City. What do you think about that, you think I’m stupid?

Clyde: Yes, you know why detective, Bonnie now!.

(Bonnie wakes up and grabs the detective so that he can’t escape)

Clyde: Let me tell you a story detective.

Detective: You will regret this Clyde!.

( Clyde throws the desk on the detective)

Clyde: Look ,with the money in Texas that we stashed on Henrry’s house, we knew we were going to get interrogated, so we are going to escape from here know, and with the money me and (Pushes the desk again )    and Bonnie we are going to Mexico to live our lives, right Bonnie?

Bonnie: Yes.

(The detective escapes  and chases Bonnie and Clyde in awesome slow motion)

( You can hear sounds of the car chase and the gunfire)

a blody entry

June 25th 2001

Today I went to a friend’s house  I walked trough the park to make my trip faster, I got to Pedro’s house and it has a good time with him. I went back to my home, it was dark I saw a shadow following me and I ran to my house.

June 26th 2001

Today I saw the shadow again I think I am being followed. Maybe these is my last entry.

June 27th 2001

Today I saw the shadow, I was scared I had no place to run and I saw him he had sharp teeth and a cape he told me “I am here for your blood” I punched him and run. I told that to all my family but they do not believed me.

The diary end here

Godlike report

Athena is the god of the war and wisdom. Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavourer. She is the virgin patroness of Athens. The Athenians founded the Parthenon on the Acropolis of her namesake city, Athens , in her honor.
Athena was part of the mythological tale “the justice of Paris” that is of a god that was not invited to a marriage and she trough a golden apple on to the floor that said “fore the most beautiful god”, Athena , Afrodita and Hera wanted that apple so they asked Zeus to said how keeps the apple. Zeus decides Paris to take that judgment and decide. They brave him but Afrodita won because she offer him the love of the wife of the king of Troy and started the Troyan war.


my first blog

los chercanes parcelas 75 los pinos renaca


Dear Javier,

How are you , I am fine , I am writing these letter to know about you, and tell you my stories and adventures.

I am god on school, I am trying to improve my notes, that has been tough , I am trying and trying but every time is more complex and I get tired fast. I am starting to get bord from all the homework and staff, but I jest have to deal with it.

Here at home is not nothing new, mom and dad are okay and our brothers and sisters too, sow in that topic I do not have nothing to tell.

But I want to know about you, are you waving a good stay on the united states of America, please write more I want to here about you, come more often I want to see you.

Hope to see you soon, your brother Alejandro Larrain